Flirting Scholar

Flirting Scholar (traditional Chinese: 唐伯虎點秋香; pinyin: Tang2 Bo2hu3 dian3 Qiu1xiang1, Cantonese: Tong4 Baak3foo2 dim2 chau2heung1 ) is a 1993 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Lee Lik-Chi and starring Stephen Chow. Chow plays a character based on famous historical personage Tang Yin, better known as Tong Bak Fu (Tang Buo Hu in Mandarin). The events in this movie are based on the story penned by Tong Bak Fu with a bit of artistic license applied.

In the Ming Dynasty, there exists a legendary group of four scholars, whose literary and artistic skills are unmatched in China. Out of the four scholars, Tong Bak Fu (Stephen Chow) is most famous, for having eight wives in addition to his expertise as an artist, poet, and writer. However, Tong's eight wives are actually complete gambling addicts, and in general, unappreciative of Tong's artistic skills. This leads to Tong's quest for a woman who truly understands him and appreciates his strengths.
There is also a familial secret within the Tong Family: they have been generations of martial arts masters. The Tong Family has two major enemies: the Evil Scholar, a notorious swordsman known for The Deadly Scholastic Sword (書生奪命劍), who killed Tong Bak Fu's father during a melee, and a love rival of Tong Bak Fu's mother, Chussy. Due to these rivalries, Tong Bak Fu is forbidden by his mother to use any form of martial arts.
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Stephen Chow - Tong Bak-Fu
Gong Li - Chow Heung
Chan Pak-cheung - Chuck Chi-Shan
Cheng Pei-pei - Madame Wah
Liu Chia Hui - Evil Scholar
Francis Ng - Member of The Four Scholars
Vincent Kok - Tu Chuen-Chang
Leung Ka-Yan - Mo Chong-Yuen



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