King Off Beggar

King of Beggars is a 1992 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Gordon Chan and David Lam, starring Stephen Chow, Cheung Man and Ng Man Tat.

So Chan is the lazy son of a rich general during the Ming period of China. Though illiterate and largely clueless, he excels at martial arts. While attending a brothel, showering his money on everyone including a beggar, he falls in love with Yu Shang, a prostitute who dares to treat him rudely. He competes for Yu Shang's services with Chui, a powerful magician and courtier. In doing so, So inadvertently foils Yu Shang's attempt to assassinate Chui for killing her father, a former leader of the Beggar's Guild. In order to get rid of So, Yu-Shang agrees to marry him if he can become the most powerful martial artist in China.
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Stephen Chow as So Chan
Sharla Cheung as Yu-Shang
Ng Man Tat as General So
Norman Chu as Chui
Wai Lam as Seng Ko Lin-Chin
Peter Lai as Uncle Cheng
Yuen King-Tan as Madam Pimp
Chan Pak-cheung as Minister of Justice
Lawrence Cheng as Professor



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