A man Called Hero

* Genre : Fantasy, Action, Drama
* Starring : Ekin Cheng, Anthony Wong, Kristy Yang, Nicholas Tse, Shu Qi, Jerry Lamb
* Release Date : 1999
* Language : Cantonese

* Subtitle : English (Soft)

Synopsis :

The film opens in the early 20th century with a young Hero Hua (Ekin Cheng) going to study under Master Pride (Anthony Wong).
When he returns to his parents, he learns that they have been murdered by a band of evil Westerners.
After impregnating his wife Jade (Kristy Yang), Hero Wah ventures to New York in search of his parents' killers.
Sixteen years later, Hero's son Sword (Nicholas Tse) along with family friend Sang (Jerry Lamb), arrive at Ellis Island in search of Sword's father.
Once the tearful reunion finally takes place, much of the rest of the story is related through flashbacks involving a fearsome fight with Japanese ninjas and the death of Jade at the hands of the ninja ring leader.
The film climaxes with a battle to the death at the Statue of Liberty.




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